5 ways to Prepare Your Organization to Go More Google

One of the key components to this type of work-behavior change is to understanding how your users are dealing with the change so far and providing them with insights on how the Google Apps platform can improve their everyday process and help the company save costs.  Successful adoption is dependent on leadership providing a clear message based on relevant data, highlighting successful use-cases and leading by example, and providing a clear roadmap to roll-out training and phase out older software applications.

Below I’ve outlined 5 actions your organization can take to foster a Google Drive/Docs adoption:

1. Communicate a clear plan for the Google Drive/Docs adoption according to the desired vision.
Users want to know what is going to change for them and how the change will affect their day-to-day.  A training and change management plan is essential in moving users from one productivity suite to another.  Your organization will need to consider such points as which users will co-exist with multiple productivity suites, and which users should move completely to Google Docs, what is the driving factor for the change, and if adoption should occur organically or be pushed out.

2. Provide training options for using Google Drive/Docs
Webinars, video tutorials or onsite training will increase the user’s comfort level with using Google Drive/Docs.  Training can be customized for the goals of the organization and focused on what is different in Google Docs versus what features they are already familiar with from other productivity suites.  Also, the training can focus on organization-specific policies on naming docs, sharing, search and how to organize folders in Drive.

3. Prepare a rich template Gallery in Google Docs
The organization can provide carrots to users by creating a library for all important document templates, this will ensure that users have access and can keep their documents with consistent branding and format.

  • Link to the templates from the corporate intranet site
  • Let users know the template library is available for use
  • Provide high-use documents like Meeting Agendas, Project Plans, Action Items Lists, Proposals and Statement of Work
  • Make them look slick with corporate branding and colors!

4. Lead by example – use Google Docs!
Leadership and managers should use Google Docs for day-to-day activities to set the newly desired standards.  Managers can create departmental surveys in Google Forms, share spreadsheets with their teams, create documents in Google Docs and share with teams.

To encourage adoption, leadership can also come up with an incentivized program or contest type event to create excitement and get the attention of the workforce.   Cool prizes can help motivate associates to find the most creative uses of Docs, or to have the highest usage of Docs.

5. Create a Document Library for the Organization
Make important organization-wide documents and policies available in Google Docs and share with the entire organization with organized collections and linking to the artifacts from the corporate intranet.  Educate users on where they can find the most up to date information.

  • Corporate Handbooks
  • Department and Organizational Policies and Procedures
  • Associate Training Documents and Videos

These are just a few helpful tips to get started.  Let Cloud Sherpas know how we can help you go more Google!

Jeff Miller
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Jeff is the Vice President of Cloud Migration Services at Cloud Sherpas. Jeff came to Cloud Sherpas with more than 15 years of experience managing Coca-Cola’s messaging and collaboration infrastructure, so he knows a thing or two about legacy platforms (and how to migrate off of them!)