Custom Development On The Platform

Allow our development experts to build custom apps for your unique business challenges is a cloud-based PaaS solution from Salesforce and is an optimal platform for organizations that need to develop custom apps in the cloud. A completely cloud-based solution, enables users to build apps directly on the platform itself and these apps integrate seamlessly with other systems without any hardware.

In contrast to the out-of-date and high cost applications that many businesses currently use, applications are easy to use and have reporting and mobile access capabilities. These applications can also integrate in real-time, syncing with a variety of on-premise solutions such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and other third-party solutions and external cloud services like Google AppEngine, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon Web Services. is the most trusted and successful enterprise API in the market, as more than 50% of all traffic on the platform can be traced to system-to-system integration. Development Experts

Cloud Sherpas developers have the experience to quickly build and deliver quality custom applications that work in tandem with your existing CRM solution and help you meet your specific business objectives more efficiently.

In fact, our developers, whose experience spans building a variety of custom apps for every aspect of the Salesforce CRM solution are often tapped by organizations who are looking to build custom apps that enhance the out-of-the-box capabilities of Salesforce.

For Sales Cloud, popular custom development requests include building apps that focus on sales pipelines, forecasts and enhanced reporting. For example, our developers often create custom forecasting concepts, such as those that track how close you are to reaching your quota and sales revenue goals, and pages that provide a complete, 360-degree view of customers in one place.

Common requests for Service Cloud include developing applications that focus on further improving customer support and call center operations and enhancing knowledge databases. Could Sherpas’ developers often create branded customer portals and call center applications, such as those that give agents quick and easy access to customer information such as call history and products owned.