Custom Development For Sales Automation Tools

Leverage the expertise of Cloud Sherpas to develop custom sales automation solutions on the platform

Cloud Sherpas’ implementation services for cloud platforms are delivered by an exceptional team of cloud experts, developers and product support specialists with extensive experience working with We provide a fresh approach to technology and design, custom development, integration strategies and application rationalization approach and execution.

Cloud Sherpas helps customers leverage to create and deploy applications to move legacy systems to the cloud. Because Platform-as-a-Service does not require servers or software to purchase or manage, businesses can focus solely on building apps that include native social and mobile functionality, business processes, search and reporting.

Custom Development on the Platform, a cloud-based PaaS solution from, is an ideal platform for organizations looking to develop custom apps in the cloud. At Cloud Sherpas, our developers have the experience you need to build and quickly deliver quality applications that work in tandem with your existing CRM solution.

For Sales Cloud, popular custom development requests include building apps that focus on sales pipelines, forecasts and enhanced reporting. For example, our developers often create custom forecasting concepts, such as those that track how close you are to reaching your quota and sales revenue goals, and pages that provide a complete, 360-degree view of customers in one place.