Enhance Sales Efforts with Sales Force Automation Tools

Empower your sales staff to boost effectiveness with CRM tools that support and optimize processes

To truly optimize your sales program, you need to provide your salespeople with the appropriate CRM tools. However, achieving maximum results requires more than simply implementing a CRM system. It also requires user adoption and proper use of the program, among other key actions.

Our Point of View on Optimizing Sales Force Automation

Advisory Services

Our CRM Roadmap and Process Design ensure that your sales processes are guided by best practices and help discover automation opportunities available with Salesforce Sales Cloud capabilities.


Based on our implementation experience, we have developed repeatable processes that result in predictable outcomes.

Change Management

Our change management services help you increase end user acceptance and, ultimately, the success of your new solution.

Configure, Price, Quote

Rely on our experienced and agile CPQ practice to help you increase revenue and improve the customer experience.

How Do You Measure Against These Top 10 Sales Capabilities?

How well are you utilizing CRM for sales? Find out below with Cloud Sherpas’ top 10 tips for sales effectiveness:

  1. Automation: Does CRM automate and contribute to closed sales?

  2. Territories: Do your territories maximize effectiveness of every sales person or are they a slice and dice exercise?

  3. Segmentation: Do you know which leads to target, when to target them and the optimal sales channel to employ?

  4. Equality: Do all salespeople receive the same quality leads or are your best salespeople “the best” because they cherry-pick leads?

  5. Conversion: Do you track and maximize the exact percentage of leads converted to sales?

  6. Adoption: Have your salespeople widely adopted CRM?

  7. Relationships: Do your salespeople practice smart relationship-building strategies or are they “Romeo’s”?

  8. Incentives: Do you entice customer-facing personnel to trust the CRM system?

  9. Leadership: Do you have a working strategy for handling coaching, ride alongs and training?

  10. Measurement: Do you measure sales teams on more than just achievement to quota?

Does your sales program need help in one or more of these proficiencies? Learn how cloud CRM programs can help improve your sales effectiveness by contacting Cloud Sherpas to discuss your specific requirements and goals.

Our Sales Advisory Services