Migrating to Google Apps for Email & Calendar

Enhance productivity with a seamless migration to Google Apps for email and calendar with the help of an award-winning Google Partner

Email is an essential function of day-to-day business, yet it’s also often a drain on resources and productivity. Cloud Sherpas can help your organization migrate to Google Apps for email, Gmail, a fast, user-friendly email platform with 50x more storage than the industry average so your employees can work efficiently and effectively anytime and anywhere with anyone.

In addition to email migration, Cloud Sherpas can also migrate calendars to Google Apps which removes the hassle of scheduling by giving coworkers insight into one another’s calendars to easily find the best time to meet, sending friendly reminders and more.

Intelligent, Secure Migration to Google Apps

When making the transition to cloud-based solutions for messaging and calendar, we know that one of the top priorities on any IT admin’s to-do list is the safe, secure transfer of legacy company data. Cloud Sherpas’ migration teams have spent years honing a precise, dependable process for migrating everything from archived emails and calendars to contacts and other key data sets to Google’s secure Cloud servers. This process has resulted in successful migrations for more than 5,000 customers around the world.

Change Management for Email and Calendar Migrations

Implementation of a new messaging and collaboration system may be the most significant technology transformation an organization undertakes, affecting people and processes across every function. Transformation of this magnitude represents a unique opportunity for management to energize the enterprise, instill new skills and best practices, empower the user community, drive individual and group innovation and lead the market.

To ensure a smooth, disruption-free transition when migrating to Google Apps, Cloud Sherpas offers training and change management services to maximize workforce adoption, utilization and proficiency. Our training is based on current adult learning methodologies to deliver relevant and engaging training that serve as a dynamic catalyst for growth.

All offerings are customizable to:

  • Incorporate your organization’s standards and configuration settings

  • Provide training applicable to your workforce’s needs

  • Focus on what’s relevant to your organization and industry

Drawing on our global Google Apps deployment experience, the Cloud Sherpas change management team has created a rigorous approach that combines its specific Google Apps knowledge with current change management methodology. Services include sponsorship, communication and readiness activities that are designed to help ensure faster adoption, greater utilization and higher end user proficiency.