Enhance your Marketing Capabilities with Marketing Automation

Help your marketing team improve their capabilities by effectively utilizing CRM

Implementing and adopting a cloud CRM system can significantly improve your marketing program. CRM has the potential to improve your customer lists, campaigns, lead qualities and more. Adding in the flexibility and mobility of the cloud only makes these tools more powerful.

Our Point of View

Advisory Services

Our CRM Roadmap and Process Design help inform your marketing processes with best practices and automation opportunities available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


We use repeatable processes that result in predictable outcomes to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Change Management

Rely on our change management services to enhance the success of your program by increasing acceptance and utilization of the new solution.

How Do You Measure Against These Top 10 Marketing Capabilities?

How well is your marketing team utilizing CRM? Find out below with Cloud Sherpas’ top 10 tips for marketing effectiveness.

  1. Customer lists: Do you develop lists based on real-time customer behavior?

  2. Execution: Do you execute campaigns quickly?

  3. Responses: Do you track and follow through on every response received?

  4. Campaigns: Do you measure leads and revenue from every marketing campaign?

  5. Leads: Do you score leads based on previous activity and augment lead information?

  6. Lead quality: Do you ensure that salespeople never see a bad lead?

  7. Selling: Do you “sell” leads to sales and track the acceptance and success rate of each lead?

  8. Speakers: Do you assist event speakers with presentation development and then gather formal feedback on presentations?

  9. Results: Do you build ROI into program testing?

  10. BI: Do you apply real-time tactics to monitor response patterns and optimize campaigns?

Does your marketing program need help in one or more of these areas? Learn how cloud CRM programs, like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, can help improve your marketing effectiveness by contacting Cloud Sherpas to discuss your specific requirements and goals.