Custom Development Expertise from a Leading Google Cloud Platform Partner

Choose Cloud Sherpas to build the right custom applications for your unique business challenges on Google's leading cloud infrastructure

Cloud Sherpas’ custom development solutions allow our customers to extend and integrate their existing infrastructure by leveraging Google’s infinitely scalable cloud platform. Whether your organization requires a mobile app to ensure the connectivity of a global workforce or a Chrome extension to integrate their CRM with Gmail, Cloud Sherpas’ diversely experienced developers can help you create a custom solution that meets the current and future demands of your business and your end-users.

Our custom Chrome extensions, web apps, mobile apps, intranets and content management solutions integrate with your existing systems to ensure your cloud solution is everything you need it to be, as only a leading Google Cloud Platform Partner can.

Google’s Cloud Platform

The three layers of the Google Cloud Platform allow you to build applications and websites, store data and analyze data on Google’s infrastructure.

At the base are Google’s IaaS offerings, from Compute Engine to Cloud Storage, which allow you to leverage the scale and efficiency of the infrastructure Google has built. Google’s PaaS offering, Google App Engine, serves as the second layer and offers a way to build and host applications with familiar technologies. Resting on top you’ll find Google’s APIs which provide everything you need to develop consistent applications.

How Can Cloud Sherpas Help You Leverage the Google Cloud Platform?

Whether you’re expanding existing virtualization infrastructure or building an application from scratch, Cloud Sherpas’ technology consultants offer practical advice and direction to help you maximize your investment in cloud platform and infrastructure and turn your vision of a more productive and efficient workforce into a secure, scalable and dynamic new reality.

Specifically, we begin by assessing your current footprint and advising you on what elements and processes can be moved to the cloud and how to optimize the transition. Our careful planning provides maximum efficiency throughout the move while also ensuring all ancillary processes and procedures are updated to reflect the new cloud-based system.

As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, Cloud Sherpas staffs one of the largest, most experienced teams of Google App Engine experts on the planet. Our developers and engineers offer extensive consultative and custom development services to help your organization fully leverage the power of Google’s Cloud Platform to either extend your Google Apps deployment or develop custom applications to meet specific organizational requirements.

Cloud Sherpas’ Ferris Framework

Ferris is the world’s first open source Python framework for custom development on the Google App Engine. Dubbed “Ferris” in a nod to the short-cutting main character from the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the framework is designed to dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with building cloud and mobile applications on the Google Cloud Platform. Visit for more information about the Ferris Framework including tutorials, code and more.