Chrome for Work

Empower employees to increase productivity by leveraging Chrome for Work

Provisioning innovative new devices is an exciting change for your workforce. Deploying Chromebooks presents a unique opportunity to increase productivity by energizing end-users with an intuitive, easy-to-manage, anywhere-access computing solution.

Cloud Sherpas offers one of the most advanced Chromebook deployment programs for the enterprise, geared toward helping you maximize the value of your investment in the Google Chrome OS-powered laptop.

Cloud Sherpas sets the foundation for ensuring a successful, efficient deployment for your organization by delivering the most sophisticated and comprehensive set of Chromebook services available, including:

  • Core OS and device training

  • Print server setup

  • Virtual desktop solution implementation for access to native-only apps

What Does a Chromebook Deployment Give your Business?

When organizations purchase Chromebooks through Cloud Sherpas, they receive the Chromebook device, management services for the life of the device, three years of Google Enterprise Support and a one-year warranty on hardware directly from the manufacturer. Chromebooks can be used anywhere with all-day battery life, built-in 3G and a full-sized keyboard, making them the perfect fit for many organizations with on-the-go employees.

Because applications, documents and settings are not stored on the device, there’s no need to spend time or money imaging machines or migrating data. Cloud Sherpas focuses on your key use cases and technical requirements so that your administrators and end-users are fully proficient with the platform and have access to all of the tools that they need from day one. Like the device itself, the process is fast, convenient and effective.

Chromebook Training

Cloud Sherpas offers four uniquely tailored training programs to customers planning to deploy Google Chromebooks, whether to an entire organization or just a small subset of employees.

  • Chromebook Administrator Training

  • End-User Chromebook Training

  • Help Desk Support Training

  • The Chromebook Online Learning Center (DIY)

Our experienced team of Google technology experts one of the most renowned in the world is available to conduct training programs for all levels of staff and support, both onsite and via remote web conference.

For companies considering migrating to Google Apps in addition to deploying Chromebooks, Cloud Sherpas’ offers comprehensive training programs that integrate both services. Continue reading for more details about each of Cloud Sherpas’ four Chromebook Training Programs, or contact Cloud Sherpas now to begin planning your Chromebooks deployment.

Chromebook Administrator Training

Custom Administrator Training materials are delivered either on-site or via webinar by one of Cloud Sherpas’ Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialists.

Cloud Sherpas’ extensive experience and expertise in Google Apps and other Google-engineered technologies means our Deployment Specialists are exceptionally qualified to instruct IT administrators and other key technology support staff in all facets of Chromebook management.

Cloud Sherpas’ Administrator Training program equips IT managers with all the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience necessary to ensure an efficient and robust implementation of Chromebooks. This program, which is comprised of a series of training sessions lasting several hours, with up to 10 participants in each, focuses on the following key areas of Chromebooks deployment:

  • Configuration settings

  • Day-to-day administrative tasks

  • Integration with third-party solutions, such as SSO, directory services, etc.

To learn more about the Cloud Sherpas Chromebook Administrator Training program, contact a Cloud Sherpas sales representative.

Chromebook Help Desk Support Training

Cloud Sherpas custom Help Desk Support training materials are delivered either on-site or via webinar by one of Cloud Sherpas’ Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialists. Our experience and expertise will help ensure your support staff establishes a high level of comfort with troubleshooting and resolving Chromebook end-user support issues, including configuration settings, day-to-day administrative tasks, wiping devices, Chrome browser issue resolution and more.

Chromebook DIY Online Learning Center

Cloud Sherpas’ Chromebook Online Learning Center is an editable website built in Google Sites and hosted on your own domain. Designed specifically to facilitate end-user self sufficiency during Chromebook deployment, the DIY online training solution offers a comprehensive library of content that’s easily tailored to meet client-specific policies on sharing permissions or mobile device usage, for example.

The Chromebook Online Learning Center also includes a 2-hour training and portal customization session.

Chromebook End user Training

Cloud Sherpas’ custom Chromebook training materials are delivered by Google Apps experts with extensive experience deploying and working hands-on with Google’s 100% Web laptop. Trainings are designed to ensure that all users are positioned to quickly and easily understand how to best leverage the device to collaborate with colleagues and efficiently tackle core business functions.

Courses begin by helping end-users get comfortable working with the new device before becoming more in-depth, training users on how to best use the Chrome browser. Chromebook end-user training courses can be easily combined with Cloud Sherpas’ Google Apps end-user training, if required.