Enhance Business Functions with Geospatial Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition and improve business intelligence with location-based technology

Location-based solutions have the potential to enhance the functions of any business by introducing interactive, customizable mapping tools to daily operations. Implementing these solutions delivers significant value. For example, these solutions can:

  • Provide customers with an easier way to find and interact with your business
  • Help you gain valuable insight by visualizing your customer data on a map
  • Give employees the tools they need to map routes and improve emergency responses
  • Transform your sales, distribution and marketing operations through an integration with your CRM data

Cloud Sherpas can assess your needs to determine which location-based technologies best fit your business plan. Our team of cloud strategists will develop a solution to not only meet your needs, but also to improve your daily functions and employee and customer satisfaction.

Introducing geospatial technologies in your organization can benefit clients, sales reps, managers and executives alike by adding the power of location awareness to meet the unique needs of each group. From embedding targeted maps on websites and mobile applications to visualizing your sales processes and order processes, Cloud Sherpas has the expertise to help you adopt the appropriate technology to meet all of your mapping needs.


Browse the platforms below to learn more about Cloud Sherpas’ expertise in geospatial technology.

  • Google Maps API: Google Maps API for Work allows you to create interactive maps that are accessible on multiple platforms. Adopt Google Maps API into company software or websites to visualize location-based data or engage customers with embedded interactive maps.
  • Google Places API: Google Places API for Work provides detailed information about a variety of places including businesses and points of interest. With web service and mobile options, Google Places API brings powerful location awareness capabilities to your website or mobile app in order to improve users’ ability to search for and retrieve information.
  • CartoDB: CartoDB is comprised of an editor, a platform and apps that aim to democratize location intelligence. CartoDB’s editor tool allows users to create, share and publish interactive maps while its platform of APIs provides all of the necessary tools to visualize and analyze location-based data. Finally, CartoDB’s applications allow users to create more advanced (e.g. layered) and impactful maps.