Cloud Integration from Industry Experts

Maximize your investment by integrating cloud CRM with any number of add-on technologies

Cloud Systems don’t function in isolation. Sooner or later, executives will demand that your organization’s solutions “play well” with other essential systems and tools.

Turn To Integration Experts

Cloud Sherpas’ experts help organizations rapidly integrate essential business systems and add-on technologies. By working with Cloud Sherpas, organizations ensure that integration-related business questions have solid solutions from the start.

Master the CRM Ecosystem

Many organizations start with CRM to automate and support activities. But why stop there? After all, ninety percent of Cloud Sherpas CRM deployments include some form of integration, either with other cloud applications or with applications that are behind the company firewall. Integrations with best-in-class, add-on technologies offer numerous additional benefits including:

  • Visibility: Eliminate silos by providing visibility of all customer requests and information

  • Marketing automation: Run better marketing campaigns using best-in-class software

  • Mobility: Increase workforce efficiency and “anywhere access” by integrating the right mobile and remote authentication technology

  • Business Intelligence: Deliver highly relevant and actionable data to business leaders

  • Quoting: Use cloud based CPQ solutions to add product quoting, pricing and proposal generation

  • Social networking: Enhance marketing, sales and service with a social media strategy

  • Synchronization: Ensure master data remains synchronized across CRM, ERP, financial and other essential business systems

Fit “Pre-built Integrations” To Your Business

While many “add on” tools offer relatively straightforward, out-of-the-box integration, some degree of customization is typically required. Likewise, top technology vendors offer “integration as a service” or pre-built integrations; however, ensuring that these meet your specific needs typically requires additional customization, and Cloud Sherpas can help.