CRM Workshops: Learn the Most Cost-Efficient Strategies for Maximizing CRM Benefits

No matter what your business needs require, we have the right workshop to help you meet your goals

Why Plan Your Cloud or Social CRM Implementation?

In our 15+ years of CRM deployments, we’ve found that the single biggest predictor of project success is creating the right strategy. Strategy isn’t code for “wasting time and money.” In fact, a good CRM strategy will detail exactly which business outcomes and CRM functionality to pursue, thereby saving time and money through increased efficiency.

The Right CRM Strategy Will Include:

  • Targeted business goals, such as improving efficiency, growth or customer satisfaction

  • Specified improvements, such as better relationship management, campaign management or case management, required to achieve those goals

  • Detailed requirements, including technology, costs and time needed to achieve the desired end state

  • Options for how social technologies can help you connect with customers like never before

  • A project plan with “quick wins” to reach that goal

Cloud Sherpas Offers CRM Discoveries To Build The Right Plan

Use our services to discover the most cost-effective strategies — based on our CRM Excellence Framework — to maximize CRM business impact:

  • Sales Advisory Workshop – Analyze your sales processes and technologies with Cloud Sherpas’ sales process framework to determine areas for automation and improvement.

  • Service Advisory Workshop – Explore Cloud Sherpas’ customer service best practice approach and learn about the optimum methods for improving service efficiency.

  • Marketing Advisory Workshop – Utilize Cloud Sherpas’ marketing framework to apply best practices for marketing automation to maximize marketing program results.

  • Siebel to Cloud CRM Advisory Workshop – Rapidly create a plan to move from your existing Siebel application to a modern, cloud-based CRM application like

  • Mobility Advisory Workshop – Develop a mobile strategy that balances user experience and effectiveness while addressing questions around BYOD (bring your own device), security and effective mobile policy.

CRM Strategy Leads To Business Return

Beyond having a great plan for “next steps,” these workshops help organizations focus on effective customer-facing processes in order to avoid costly mistakes and deliver maximum results when deploying cloud and social CRM.