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Achieve better business results with Cloud Sherpas’ Marketing Excellence Framework

Marketing Success: 5 Capabilities

The most successful marketing programs focus on building relationships, coordinating efforts with sales and service, tying campaigns to revenue and uncovering high quality leads. Cloud Sherpas’ CRM experts have built industry benchmarking tools to help your organization achieve these goals by working on these fundamental areas:

  • Marketing Strategy: Follow best practices to improve your marketing strategy and attract better prospects.

  • Campaign Management: Employ clear calls-to-action to convert more prospects into customers.

  • Lead Management: Improve your lead management with better tools to qualify leads and route them to sales.

  • Event Management: Make better use of your salespeople’s time at events by helping them connect with the right prospects.

  • Marketing Measurement: Keep track of the success of your marketing programs by accurately quantifying results and tracking business payoff.

Increased Business Results

Learn how you can continue to improve your marketing program effectiveness with Cloud Sherpas’ Marketing Excellence Framework. Our experienced team created this framework based on best practices that help organizations:

  • Qualify leads by turning event and campaign contacts into high-quality leads

  • “Sell” leads by giving sales the leads they need and convincing sales of their quality

  • Identify strong leads for both inside and outside sales

  • See program results by tracking leads to sales, new customers and revenue

  • Achieve marketing effectiveness by maximizing quality, coordination and results