CRM Implementation Advisory Services Based on your Unique Business Needs

Cloud Sherpas provides several distinct services to create the most efficient implementation methods possible for your business

Cloud Sherpas Has Done It All Before

We’ve successfully deployed cloud solutions to over 2 million people around the world. We’ve integrated cloud CRM with all known ERP systems, delivered mission critical contact centers, customer portals, sales automation solutions and advanced marketing systems. From small projects to large projects, Cloud Sherpas knows how to successfully deliver.

How to Start an Implementation

We strongly believe that proper planning drives project success. With this in mind, Cloud Sherpas developed strategy services designed to ensure that project goals and objectives are shared company-wide and that tricky issues like user adoption are thoroughly planned out. Once a customized plan is completed, Cloud Sherpas works to efficiently build and deploy advanced cloud CRM projects.

Our Implementation Point of View

There are two primary factors that affect the size of an implementation project: organizational complexity and technical complexity. Organizational complexity can include a number of factors, such as how many people, groups and departments will be using the system, how many people are involved in the decision-making process and the level of organizational change required for system adoption. Technical complexity involves the amount of transformed, integrated data requirements and the number of function points in the new application. Determining the best approach to implementation for each organization depends primarily on these two factors.

Our Implementation Philosophy

Cloud Sherpas’ Implementation Services

Because implementation approaches depend on organizational and technical complexities, Cloud Sherpas offers distinct services to implement cloud based CRM solutions: