CRM Advisory Services: Identify the Best Next Step

Our CRM implementation advisory services use industry benchmarks and best practices to get your business on the most direct path to success

CRM Excellence

Cloud Sherpas has distilled benchmarks and best practices to identify the most direct path to positive CRM results. All of Cloud Sherpas’ CRM projects, regardless of functional or technical requirements, aim to help organizations grow, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Superior CRM Results

Regardless of the capability, lead management, territory management, social business integration, case management or data integration Cloud Sherpas will ensure that you achieve your business’ current requirements while remaining poised to address tomorrow’s challenges. Cloud Sherpas’ CRM Excellence Frameworks helps companies push cloud CRM further by improving:


Set the precise project scope, maximize quality and avoid rework based on proven strategies and best practices


Rapidly configure and deliver required functionality with Cloud Sherpas' consultants who know "what should be next"


Work faster, smarter and more efficiently with our proven Framework as the foundation


Identify faster, smarter and better improvements using Cloud Sherpas' experienced team

Achieve CRM Excellence in All Areas of Business

Cloud Sherpas’ strategy workshops for CRM, marketing, sales, service and social business help identify overall business goals and requirements and benchmark current capabilities against industry best practices. We show you whether your business is “developing,” “competitive” or “world-class” in multiple domains and create a plan for moving forward, starting with focusing on the best “next step” to make your program more effective.