CRM Technology Selection Suited to your Business' Needs

Realize business outcomes by finding and adopting the right technology for your organization

Cloud Sherpas works with organizations to help them select the right cloud CRM platform and supporting technologies.

Actually, the Technology Matters

There are many cloud CRM offerings on the market that might be suitable for your organization. Cloud Sherpas helps you determine whether to extend, upgrade or continue to use your existing technology.

We Look At Your Business Outcomes

Our approach to technology selection is based on our CRM Excellence Framework, which we created using industry benchmarks and our customers’ experiences. ¬†We work hard to ensure full understanding of your current and future business goals and how the technology supports those goals. Using this framework, we can the map the strengths and weaknesses of various offerings as they apply to your organization.

We’ve Managed Every Type of Project

Our technology selection projects have ranged from one week assessments to three month assessments and can include meetings and interviews, workshops and business case development. We help clients choose new cloud CRM application platforms, assess how technology fits into your existing application landscape and sort through various “add on” products for integration, data cleaning and more.

CRM Effectiveness Made Possible in 10 Steps

World-class CRM programs require more than just technology: they demand business and management know-how. To ensure that your CRM project excels, be sure to focus on the big picture. To help, review our Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Effectiveness “Top 10″ lists to see how your program compares to best practices and benchmarks.