Our Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud Advisory Services

Put your cloud program on the path to success from the very beginning with Cloud Sherpas’ Cloud Advisory Services. For many organizations, finding the right solution for your organization and its needs, getting the business on board, properly implementing the technology and ensuring adoption can be very daunting tasks. However, all of these steps must be accomplished in order to successfully transition to the cloud and experience true transformation. Our comprehensive services ensure you have an experienced partner to guide your business through each stage of your cloud program.
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Cloud Advisory Services

Productivity & Collaboration Advisory Services

Learn how you can work the way you live with Cloud Sherpas’ collaboration and intranet implementation strategies. Our services are designed to help you realize more benefits from the implementation of Google Enterprise technology and significantly improve the way your organization collaborates and shares knowledge and content.
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CRM Advisory Services

Accelerate your CRM project by setting it up for success from the start with Cloud Sherpas’ CRM Advisory Services. Our CRM implementation advisory services rely on industry benchmarks and best practices to help organizations identify the best next steps to drive their initiatives forward.
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ITSM & ITIL Advisory Services

Combat common challenges and maximize the opportunity to draw value from your ITSM platform. Cloud Sherpas’ ITSM & ITIL Advisory Services provide a roadmap for your organization to move forward and develop an ITSM program that aligns with key processes.
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Enterprise Service Management Advisory Services

Uncover how Enterprise Service Management (ESM) initiatives can provide IT with the ability to automate processes across the entire enterprise in order to improve efficiency and productivity. Cloud Sherpas’ ESM Advisory Services help you identify opportunities to introduce these initiatives, assess your current environment and create a prioritized plan of action.
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